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2014 Super Sail Tour - Grömitz

Eckernförde, Juni 2014

A perfect port start for skipper Ingo Delius in the 5th and last race of the Hobie 16 Regatta in Grömitz safed him the final overall victory in a very strong field before Kerstin Wichardt / Sarah Schütte second place and the Youth World Champions Nicolaj Björnholt / Nicklas Heide from Denmark. „We know that we have to try something special to win,“ said Ingo Delius after the race. „We saw the line to pin end, the wind was fine and the field was not fast enough to come down right in time. That was an amazing start for us,“ Ingo Delius smiling.

Former champion Detlef Mohr with his long year crew Karen Wichardt, sailed two first places and finished one time second, but with two OCS it was not possible to get in the top rankings after 5 races.

„Due to the wind conditions it was not possible to sail more than 5 races, so we only could take out one OCS. If you sail like this you cannot expect more,“ said Detlef Mohr after his 16th place overall.

Grömitz-JHA 9035

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Three great days with 7-fought races have allowed us to successfully conclude the 1st National Championship Hobie Cat Multiclass. The 55 boats in the water were divided between the historical and widespread Hobie Cat 16, the fast Tiger and Wild Cat and the "small" Dragoon.

The wind conditions were very different, both in intensity and direction and the committee has done a great job to allow the smooth running of the whole event that eventually honored as winners the faster and the more careful sailors who didn’t make tactical errors difficult to heal.

The technical success of the event was completed by the equally important success of the organization masterfully handled by the club Tognazzi Marine Village of Torvaianica that, aided by the beautiful location, they did live to all the competitors and their friends the famous atmosphere of the Hobie Way of Life, which combines the efforts of competitive races, with the pleasure of being fine all together having fun.

The Multiclass Championship formula helped make particularly interesting and enjoyable the whole event, because it brought together racers of all ages and different levels of experience, allowing everyone to have fun and just enjoy the competitive spirit.

National italien

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RACING FOR H/Tiger & Wildcat class, H16 ‘A’ & ‘B’ Fleets and Junior Hobie Dragoons. Subject to conditions, there will be an added race, three in total, to make up for one of the missed races earlier in the series. For those that haven’t raced as yet and are intending to for this event, please make sure entry form is given to the Beach Officer prior to the start. There are 6 races remaining and 5 to count, so still all to play for. If anyone requires crew please make contact, there are several with experience who are keen to sail. Next weekend’s forecast looking excellent for racing.

RCIYC SPRING REGATTA what a fantastic event to start the sail/racing season off. Excellent conditions, especially on the Sunday and great competition amongst the Hobies in all classes.

Well done to the winning teams.

THANK YOU to all the Fleet for flying the black ribbon in the Regatta as a mark of respect to Hobie Alter. Great to see all the boats on the start line with the ribbons streaming from the second mainsail batten up. Nice photo of Darren and Laurence above, taken by Elaine, with the black ribbon flying. More photos of the Regatta racing are on the RCIYC facebook page.


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In memory of our Hobie friend Alberto Torné Vásquez



Written by John Dinsdale (former CEO of Hobie Cat Europe and IHCA Life member).

I first met Alberto in early 1980’s.

He was at that time the commercial guy for our Spanish distributor, always smiling, and very popular with customers, with Optimist, Lasers, and of course Hobies.

When our importer fell thru, Alberto with partner came to the rescue.  

This was just before the Hobie 16 Europeans and all the entry were in the hands of our "ex importer"!

We scrambled to keep the event going, but without Alberto, it would have been literally impossible.

At Hobie Cat Europe, we loaded up the Hobie truck, drove down to the event site, near Barcelona, and just made the event happened!

Then the Hobie 17 and 18 Worlds in Castelldefels and Sotogrande, in which organization left the IHCA, without paying their bills!

Thanks to Alberto, he brokered deals with Sotogrande, which allowed the IHCA to reconsider Spain!

Then at the Tiger/Dragoon Worlds in Cangas, once again, Alberto was there to the rescue, when we had issues with the local town/organization who had supplied and sold the boat insurance, but somehow had not really been covered by the insurance company.

This was just a few of the many events, where Alberto was the " Hobie guy" but in whatever experience, situation, or problem, Alberto was always smiling, often working through the night at events to make sure the sailors had their boats repaired in time... always smiling!

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